Above : photos by Salim Santa Lucia

Youth Enhancement Systems ®, solo show, galerie Valeria Cetraro, Paris, September-October 2019

Youth Enhancement Systems ® #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6
Jesmonite, dye, foam, threaded rods, wood, industrial wax, aluminum tubes, pliers, variable dimensions, 2019

︎Y.E.S. I, Mum pls
HD Video, color, sound, 5’26, 2019

︎Y.E.S. II, I am a necromantic
HD Video, color, sound, 5’57, 2019

︎Y.E.S. III, Ptomaïne
HD Video, color, sound, 4’52, 2019

Text by Jill Gasparina Fr En

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