Artist book by Laura Gozlan and Myriam Barchechat, 2017

Text by Riccardo Venturi, translated by Soshana Fearn
Limited edition, 100 copies, including 2 A5 folders (16 pages and 32 pages each) black printed on colored paper, a color photograph and a download code of Laura Gozlan’s exhibition soundtrack.

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Published by Anywave / Laura Gozlan / Galerie Escougnou-Cetraro, 2017

Laura Gozlan produces experimental films, videos, and visual installations that assemble documents, sculptures and models. physical self is the soundtrack that accompanies her solo exhibition at Escougnou-Cetraro, Paris. The exhibition is traversed by a narrative latency, by a duration, by a time lived far from the chronos. It manifests itself impalpably in the white noise of sounds and voices that weave links between pieces. The book she produces in collaboration with Myriam Barchechat is the extension of this exhibition.

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