Text by Elena Cardin (Fr)

Vitalium, solo show at Parc Saint-Léger CAC Pougues-les-Eaux, 2018
Off-site project in collège M. Genevoix, Decize °

The Film
Video, color, sound, ration 1,77, work in progress, 2018-2019

The Set

Untitled #1, 2018
Aluminum tube structure, aluminum foil, industrial wax sculptures, LED screen waste, steel clamp
Variable dimensions

Untitled #2, 2018
Printed pvc tarpaulin, chains, 770 x 270 cm

Untitled #3, 2018
Geodesic dome, wooden structure, tinted silicone skins, plexiglass plates, glass chemistry ustenciles, steel clamps
Diffracted video installation, color, sound, 16/9, video loop 13’, variable dimensions

Inner chains #5, # 6, 2018
PMMA tubes, USB cables, ethernet cables, batteries, polyester resin, latex tourniquet, variable dimensions

Untitled #4, 2018
Overhead projector, tinted silicone skin, plexiglass, drops of epoxy resin, glass chemistry utensils
Variable dimensions

Untitled #5, 2018
Slide projector, stainless steel clips, glass, led screen waste, industrial wax mask, variable dimensions

Untitled #6, 2018
Wood, aluminum foil, chains, industrial wax sculptures on aluminum tubes, glass cups, variable dimensions