Laura Gozlan's installations, videos and sculptures question the links between subculture and Posthumanism, their founding myths (New Age, Cybernetics) and their dystopias. Within her installations, the artist creates video fluxes by assembling in a non-hierarchical way both images she borrowed or shot herself, and merging them with a soundtrack that induces altered states of consciousness. She elaborates sculptural environments along the lines of Gene Youngblood’s Expended Cinema. Through fragmentation, crumpling and reflection operations, she conducts research on the three-dimensionality of projected images. She finds as much inspiration in the giallo, as she does in anticipation film, and in scientific documents. All three conceal archetypes and techno-utopian myths that inform us about their resonance with occultism and ideologies of these countercultures.

Lately, she has been reconnecting with filmmaking, placing herself both behind the camera and in front of it to play her own character. The sets and objects handled by the character on screen come from the artist’s sculptural practice, and so do her installations.



36, rue Pierre Avia 75015 Paris F

Galerie Valeria Cetraro

16, rue Caffarelli 75003 Paris F