A little closer
Video, color, sound, 2’04, 2019  link on demand

Like children
Video, color, sound, 2’41, 2019  link on demand

When the time swirls, when it turns into a black hole group show curated by Maija Rudovska at Futura CAC, following a two-month residency at Air Futura, Prague
with O.B.De Alessi, Michael Salerno, Thomas Moore, Dennis Cooper, Laura Gozlan, Radek Brousil, Darja Bajagic


Text by Maija Rudovska En

Smíchovská horror story Natálie Drtinová in A2 December 2019
Air Futura

Art Viewer January 2020
Tzvetnik December 2019
Expanded Cinema, an Interview with Laura Gozlan Flora Leahy in ÇINC May 2020